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Southwark Carers

Southwark Carers are a charity based in south London who provide free support and advice to local carers. The charity changed the nature of it’s services in 2015, shifting towards the provision of a handful of key services and moving the bulk of it’s advice service online.

We’ve worked with Southwark Carers in the past on their previous site. The original site was not designed with the recent changes to the organisation in mind and was in need of a visual refresh.

We were delighted to work with the team Southwark Carers again in order to help them meet their new organisational goals online.


Our approach

We started with a review of all the existing content Southwark Carers had developed, both online and in print. Working with the team at Southwark Carers we developed a content inventory for the new site that segregated information into three distinct areas.

A key consideration of the new site was that it should be easy to use and navigate for a wide audience. The carers that Southwark Carers work with range widely in age so we developed a clean minimalist layout that uses colour sparingly to signpost the three core site areas.

We also utilised the WordPress REST API to develop a bespoke set of filterable lists for things like a local services directory that the user can quickly search through to find other services in the area that might be of use to them.

We’ll be working with Southwark Carers to further develop the site in 2016 so watch this space!

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