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My Right to Build

In 2014 the UK government announced that it would bring forward new legislation to make it easier for prospective self-builders to build their own home. This ‘Right to Build’ tasks local authorities with keeping an online register of those in their area that are interested in self build, and using this information to find ways to meet this demand for land. This means that that over 320 English local authorities will all need to set up and maintain registers and make sense of the data they collect. That’s an awful lot of duplication, so we figured there might be a way to help with that…

My Right to Build - home
My Right to Build - home
My Right to Build - registrations

Our approach

My Right to Build is the result of several months of pretty hard work! What started out as a little side project grew to a point where it almost became a full-time job for a short time. The application is now launched and whilst (at time of writing) it’s early days for the project, we’re already happy that it was time well-spent.

We wanted to create a tool that would make life easier for local authorities and develop a sense of connection between self-builders and their local authority.

We built a custom application using Laravel that will scale as the project grows and we work with more local authorities. The project is by no means complete and we’ll continue to iterate and ship new features as we process customer feedback.

The current feature set for the application is already pretty broad so we’d invite you to check out the marketing pages to get a full idea of what the tool offers. We’re really excited to see how the project develops!

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"My Right To Build provides a simple way for local councils to administer the initiative, and gives self-builders a straightforward way to register their interest and communicate their preferences."

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