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Hot Pot Digital

Hot Pot Digital are a digital marketing agency that helps UK brands reach Chinese consumers. We were introduced to Hot Pot Digital in 2012 by the team at 1977 Design who were producing a wider brand for the company.

A key strength of the Hot Pot Digital is their knowledge of the modern Chinese consumer and how social media is used in China.  The company needed a striking online presence that not only clearly communicated their value to UK brands but also made the most of the fantastic brand that 1977 had helped them develop.


Our approach

We worked closely with 1977 and Hot Pot Digital to produce a responsive brochure site.  The design (produced largely by 1977) makes great use of the Hot Pot Digital brand and plays with the circular company logo in a variety of interesting ways.

The site is built using WordPress allowing Hot Pot Digital to easily add and update content as the business expands.  This was particularly crucial for Hot Pot Digital as they have to respond rapidly the fast pace of change seen on the Chinese social media landscaping and their blog and product offering has to adapt to meet these changing conditions.

We continue to work with Hot Pot Digital as they grow and read an ever-wider audience.

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