Case study

Happy Teacher

For a fairly long time at FourStacks we’ve been keen to work on a project that will benefit school teachers (we seem to know a LOT of teachers!). Unfortunately teacher job satisfaction in England is pretty low, with large numbers of teachers considering leaving the profession. When we saw an article in the TES about teacher job satisfaction calling for a “TripAdvisor for schools” we thought this sounded like a great idea for a side project…


Our approach

We teamed up with Zeph, the author of the TES article who helped guide the development of a Laravel application that collects and displays reviews of schools submitted by the teachers that work in them.

At the core of Happy Teacher is a simple five-minute online survey that collects ratings from teachers on a range of issues related to teacher job satisfaction and wellbeing. These scores help to build of picture of working life at any given school.

We very much hope that this project will empower teachers in future job searches and also provide a real incentive for school leadership to place an emphasis on teacher wellbeing and support.

Happy Teacher launched in beta in the summer of 2016 so watch this space for updates as we try and grow this side project into something a little bigger!

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Happy Teacher aims to empower teachers with more information in their job hunts, and to provide real incentive for school leaders to place a higher priority on your wellbeing and job satisfaction.

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